About Us..

We are a Mumbai / Mangalore based Boutique Hr & Recruitment Consultancy catering to recruitment needs on PAN India basis..

We are focused on Dedicated & Honest  work backed up by Smart and Simple approach to our Clients & Candidates...

One of the main challenges faced by almost every organisation, 

is to fit the right person at the right post. 

Hence Recruitment and selection of candidates has become one 

of the most important and time consuming processes

Today's highly competitive world requires experienced, skilled 
and hardworking professionals & this is where WachStum steps in . 

We help organisations recruit quality manpower, without having
to go through the tiresome process of Recruitment.

Wachstum Offers Dedicated Costsavings, Standardization of 
processes, Increased speed / quick response time and Timely 
delivery and quality of service. 

Being a Startup Consultancy in India ,We aim at becoming the 
most trusted providers of placement consultant in India for our 
clients and candidates. 

We understand your recruitment requirements and provide 
targeted solutions . 

Our Management specialises in providing highly qualified & 
experienced professionals for Senior, Middle and Junior 
Management Level . 

We understand our Client needs, thoroughly and provide 
candidates with relevant experience and skills to meet their 

Our mission & focus is to recruit responsible people in respect of 
vacancy and company needs. 


Our Mission......

Our Mission is to improve our Clients business's performance by providing perfect and dedicated Recruitment solutions to without compromising on Quality of our services & Also help candidates realise their dreams by getting them the right oppurtunities. 


Our Approach......

 We keep a very simple and uncomplicated approach with our clients & candidates

  • Approach towards Clients :
    We keep a humble and dedicated approach towards our clients and make sure we provide them with best candidates for their respective openings.
  • Approach towards Candidates :
    We understand that job hunting can be really frustrating , hence we make sure  that we offer a more personalised , friendly & one 2 one approach to the candidates. 

Services & Charges....


Our Services.....


Wachstum is able to source right candidates for your organization. 
We help organisations to find right profiles for executive level, middle-level management from a wide range of industries in India.

We provide recruitment solutions in various verticalslike Pharma, Telecom, IT, Retail, Banking,Financial Services, Insurance, Hospitality, Aviation, Entertainment & Media etc. 

We spend our time finding the right people with the skills sets. Our innovative approach helps us to collaborate with candidates and clients. Clients can trust us to provide cutting edge recruitment solutions under limited time frame 

Our Charges.......


We realise that every organisation has different recruitment needs and budgets. 

Our systematic approach helps us target the best candidates to fill your roles. we have different cost effective plans.  Our company focusses on providing customised and cost effective solutions to our esteemed clients.

What distinguishes us from other recruiters is that Wachstum focuses on very Limited 

Clients & only charges a One time Service Fee to its Clients & Doesnt compromsie on 


Single Hiring :(Upto 10 candidate(s) within a single calendar month)


For Entry level positions ( for candidate(s) with Gross annual Ctc upto 240000 )

Rs 6000/- per candidate

For Middle level positions ( for candidate(s) with Gross Annual Ctc upto 300000 )

Rs 12000/- per candidate

For Senior Midlevel positions ( for candidate(s) with Gross Annual Ctc 300000 - 500000 )

Rs 20000/- per candidate

For Senior level positions ( for candidate(s) above Gross Annual Ctc 500000 ) 

4.5% of the Gross annual Ctc

Bulk Hiring :(More than 10 candidate(s) within a single calendar month)


For Entry level positions ( for candidate(s) with Gross annual Ctc upto 240000 )

Rs 4500/- per candidate

For Middle level positions ( for candidate(s) with Gross Annual Ctc upto 300000 )

Rs 7000/- per candidate

For Senior Midlevel positions ( for candidate(s) with Gross Annual Ctc 300000 - 500000 )

Rs 15000/- per candidate

For Senior level positions ( for candidate(s) above Gross Annual Ctc 500000 ) 

4% of the Gross annual Ctc

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